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Shatter Me ring

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I have a curse. I HAVE A GIFT.
I'm a monster. I'M MORE THAN HUMAN.
My touch Is lethal. MY TOUCH IS POWER.
I am their weapon. I WILL FIGHT BACK.”
- Shatter Me

Inspired by Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi 

The idea behind this ring came to me when I was reading Shatter Me, I envisioned Juliette Ferrar's power to destroy inorganic material through her superhuman touch. The way she could punch through concrete and steel and she can cause earthquakes by punching the ground... and this ring was born.  

This ring is stainless steel and fully adjustable.No green or black fingers, a longer and harder wearing ring, however, I do advise removing it before washing your hands or using anti-bacterial gel. 

Fully adjustable means these rings have a gap that you can pull open or push close, I advise you to be gentle when doing so to reduce damage and to help your ring last longer. You can wear this ring on any finger, I love wearing it on my right-hand ring finger. 

Customer Reviews

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Very high quality, beautiful unboxing and packed with care.

One of my favourites!

I love this ring and wear it all the time! It’s perfect for shatter me and fits really well. I like that it’s thicker than the other styles. As always, excellent quality and beautiful packaging.


One of my fav series is shatter me. The ring so beautiful and its quality is good! There is a little bit problem in the size for me, a little big.