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Rhysand's Ring

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Rhysand's mother's ring is the ring that Rhysand made Feyre retrieve from the Weaver's Cottage! 

The ring was given to the Weaver by Rhysand's Mother so she could guard it until Rhysand's future bride or mate 
would have to come to retrieve it, demonstrating she was a strong enough wife for her son. Rhys sent Feyre to retrieve it because he wanted to give it to her, his mate!  

Inspired by A Court of Thrones and Roses by Sarah J Maas and Rhysand's Mother's Ring! 

Finally some new ACOTAR rings, WOOHOO! I would like to bring out a more detailed version of this ring in the future but in true Readers Society fashion, we love going to simple and subtle design. 

This ring is stainless steel and fully adjustable.No green or black fingers, a longer and harder wearing ring, however, I do advise removing it before washing your hands or using anti-bacterial gel. 

Fully adjustable means these rings have a gap that you can pull open or push close, I advise you to be gentle when doing so to reduce damage and to help your ring last longer. You can wear this ring on any finger, I love wearing it on my right-hand ring finger. 

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Absolutely in love

I am absolutely in love with my new purchase! So far everything I bought at this store turns out to be absolutely gorgeous!


I love it but it’s too big for me. The quality is good and so beautiful!!