Jewellery Care

Jewellery information 
I recommend regardless of the material that you do not get any Readers Society jewellery wet or damp. Please don’t swim, shower, steam/sauna, sunbath or wash hands with these items on. 

All alloy metals/gold/silver/beads can fade and tarnish with exposure to water and the sun. 

If you have any metal allergies we do encourage you to email us first to talk through what items you may need to avoid.

If an item is 18k gold, gold plated, sterling silver or stainless steel it will be stated on the product description. Even through this product is harder wearing and should not tarnish, we still recommend not getting it wet or leaving it out in the sun. 

Stainless Steel is my favourite material to use as it is very hard wearing, it is hypoallergenic waterproof and does not tarnish easily. Many of the products on the store are stainless steel, I use Stainless Steel 316L for many of the newer products which is classed as a medical grade steel so its VERY high quality.  

Our tips to make your items last long:

Tip #1: Protect your jewellery by storing it in a pouch (like one provided with all jewellery orders) or box (like our Readers Society Jewellery Case) to avoid scratches when not wearing. Leaving items out in direct sunlight can cause discolouration.   

Tip #2: Please don’t forget to take off your jewellery before swimming, showering, having a bath or jumping in a sauna/steam room. Protect your items by avoiding direct contact with sweat, body lotion and perfume. 

Tip #3: We have a mixture of materials that need to be cared for differently, you can extend your items shine by cleaning it regularly with a soft, DRY cloth. Overtime and wear some of our items will start to naturally tarnish.