Hi Friends, I am so excited to finally be able to show you a full preview of the 💜Romance Collection💜

This collection is dropping Saturday 8th July at 6pm BST and will feature: 13 new necklaces, 4 bracelets, 6 rings and one pair of earrings! Check out the full list of the product names at the bottoms of this post!

• Twisted Necklace - Gold & Silver 
• Addicted Necklace - Gold & Silver 
• Good Girl Necklace - Gold & Silver
• Sweetheart Necklace - Gold & Silver
• Puck Bunny Necklace - Gold & Silver
• Dreamland Necklace - Silver only
• Small Town Romance Era Necklace - Gold & Silver
• Cowboy Romance Era Necklace - Gold & Silver
• Conrads Infinity Necklace - Gold & Silver
• Morally Grey Beaded Necklace - Gold Only
• Daisy Necklace - Gold & Silver
• One Summer Necklace - Gold & Silver 
• Romance Era Necklace - Gold & Silver

• STFUATTDLAGG Bracelet - Gold & Silver
• Romance Era Bracelet - Gold & Silver
• Devil's Night Bracelet - Gold & Silver
• Infinity Double-Layered Bracelet - Gold & Silver

• Seven Husband Ring - Gold Only 
• Hypothesis Ring - Gold Only 
• Secretly Yours Ring - Gold Only 
• HEA Ring - Gold & Silver
• Big Heart Ring - Gold & Silver
• Meet Cute together - Gold & Silver 

•Hockey Romance Earrings - Silver Only 

A Note of Price & Quality: 
I have been working really hard to increase the quality of the pieces in the store so this collection you will find a lot of the pieces have been made with 316L Stainless Steel which is an extremely high quality stainless steel and its hypoallergenic and safe to wear for even the most sensitive skin - fun fact it's classed as medical grade stainless steel - so keep an eye out for the 316L products as well as the sterling silver items which will be listed in the description. 

You may also notice the price increase on a number of products, there are a number of reasons for this the main one being I was extremely under valuing the products and the business, by a pretty large amount! In fact when comparing the same product quality with other jewellery stores I am 40-80% cheap... yikes! and the new products have been costing me a lot more to create. 

If you have any questions please reach out to me on socials!
- Sophie 💜


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