Hi Friends, I am so excited to finally be able to show you a full preview of 🎁 THE BOOKMAS SHOP🎁

This collection is dropping Friday 3rd November at 7pm GMT and will feature: A HUGE restock, new packaging, a new pin and over 30 new pieces... yes 30! check out the full list of the product names at the bottoms of this post as well as a full restock list! 




🎄 Little Mouse necklace 
🎄 Princess necklace
🎄 Always necklace
🎄 LightLove necklace
🎄 Theoretically necklace
🎄 Theoretically bracelet
🎄 Perfect Match ring (now in GOLD and limited edition rainbow!) 
🎄 Missing Piece bracelet
🎄 History, Huh? bracelet
🎄 How’s the Weather, Parks? bracelet
🎄 Romance Era studs
🎄 Sinner hoop earrings

🎄 UPDATED As Travas necklace
🎄 Winter Solstice necklace
🎄 The Thirteen bangle bracelet
🎄 Climb that mountain bangle bracelet
🎄 Dragon Rider bangle bracelet
🎄 To whatever end, Fireheart bracelet
🎄 Murderous Creature bracelet
🎄 No Mourners bracelet
🎄 I remember you bracelet
🎄 Infinite endings bracelet
🎄 Heartrender necklace
🎄 Crow necklace
🎄 Dreamer necklac
🎄 Valkyries necklace
🎄 HighLady necklace
🎄 Witchling necklace
🎄 Violence necklace
🎄 Rowan necklace

A HUGE RESTOCK will also be happening at the same time and will be apart of The Bookmas Shop! I won't list everything I am restocking here (its a lot) but I have topped up a lot of stock and brought back so many fan favourites like the Good Girl necklace, STFUATTDLAGG bracelet, Starfall necklace, Little Fox necklace and more... If you have any questions about the restock please reach out! 


I will be sharing more videos and previews on Instagram and TikTok over the next few days! So keep an eye out 👀

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