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Order of Bees Necklace

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Order of Bees became known as the Order of the Illuminati. It was one of the secret societies original names.

Anywhere you see Bees prominently used as a symbol it could be linked to the Illuminati. 

Bees have a very interesting and detailed history when it comes to secret societies and ancient beliefs;

Bees are often considered a symbol of the Goddess or Divine Feminine because they are ruled by queens. In particular, they are associated with the goddess Venus because part of their labor is the indirect fertilisation of flowers, all of which come under the dominion of Venus. handmaiden of that goddess.

There is a Greek tradition, too, of the Nine Muses, the divine patronesses or music and poetry, taking on the form of bees. 

The Greek philosopher Pythagorus believed that the souls of the wise and ingenious passed into the bodies of bees.

AND lastly, according to Egyptian mythology, when the god Re cried, his tears turned into bees upon touching the ground, to deliver messages to man.

If you like female divine power, dark academia and secret societies, this necklace is for you. 


Chain Length: 43cm
Material: Alloy
Colour: Gold / Silver

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Beautiful jewellery but after only a few days or wearing it the necklace chain tarnished and rubbed off green on my neck so much that I had to change it. The charm still looks great.