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FAULTY Crescent City Stud Earring

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FAULTY BATCH - NOW ON SALE - this batch has some imperfections that I am not 100% happy with so I am discounting them... 

Silver has light marks on them, they give off a vintage silver feel to them. 
Gold has some slight discoloration - minimal and some just on the back of the earring. 

Please see photos below. 

“The power shall always belong to those who give their lives to the city.”
― Sarah J. Maas HOBAE

Inspired by Crescent City by Sarah J. Maas, a simple stud earring featuring a crescent moon and a starborn star.

Currently only in gold, but made from Stainless steel.
Stainless Steel is of a higher quality material which means it's long-lasting and harder wearing, it will not tarnish or go green. I also recommend Stainless Steel for anyone who has allergies to metals...

Material: stainless steel
Colour:  gold / silver