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Book Lover Phone Charm

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Cute little phone accessories to take your love of books everywhere you go! Phone Charms are made with a clear stretchy string, they have a very homemade, friendship bracelet vibe, with a section to thread through your phone case at the top and knotted at the bottom. 


 Reka's Style - inspired by the custom made phone charm for @poppyspage, featuring lime green, yellow, pink and purple. Fresh and light, perfect for spring/summer! 
Elena's Style - featuring the colours of TSLD and TARE, blues, pinks and love heart beads!
• Classic -  black, white, beige and pearls in different shapes and sizes, a very classic simple styling. 
• Colour - colourway of your choice which can also include pearls or gold beads in different shapes and sizes. Recommend colourways; Pink tones, girlie pastel (pink, blues purples), Blue tones, Blue/Green tones, Red with pink tones or Red with teal etc, you can even request a book colour, for example, Terrasen colours (greens, yellows, golds). 
 Fun Girlie    which comes with a mixture of glass beads, clay beads, pearls and tones of pink, white, blue and purple.  
 Fun Primary - which comes with a mixture of clay beads, pearls and tones of white, yellow, red, blue and green. 

LEASE write a note in the checkout with your preferred colour pick if you choose "colour" OR drop me a DM on Instagram. I made every charm to order and 100% happy to customise for you! 

Material: Glass / Plastic
Colour: Gold / White / Pearl / Black