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Morozova's Stag necklace

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“The stag had been showing me my strength--not just the price of mercy but the power it bestowed. And mercy was something the Darkling would never understand. I had spared the stag's life. The power of that life belonged to me as surely as it belonged to the man who had taken it.” 

Morozova's stag is an ancient, magical, and magnificent white stag that appears only at twilight. According to Baghra, they're elusive and part of the oldest science- the making of the heart of the world.

Inspired by Grishaverse, and the Morozova Stag! Wear your very own amplifier!! 

This is a dainty little necklace featuring a simple stag design. 

Material: Stainless Steel 
Colour: Silver / Gold 


Customer Reviews

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I love shadow and bone so much and this it’s the perfect design for the series. I really like that it’s delicate and such good quality. Great packaging and doesn’t wear out!

Friend loved it

I bought this necklace for my friends 18th as we are both lovers of the Shadow and Bone trilogy & universe. I ordered it earlier than I thought and got in just in time to give to her and she loved it!! The quality looked good and the packaging was satisfactory. Seriously considering purchasing one for myself as it looked great on her ☺️