At the start of Readers Society journey we only offered pre-orders, with a processing time of 14-20 business days. 

Now, due to a successful launch it will take 5-7 business days to process and ship your order. Each item you see on the site is a handmade or hand picked piece, so it can take us a little time to get your order ready.

if you have any other questions please DM us on Instagram (@readerssocietyshop) or email at; 

Pre Order/Back Order information 
For some launches or new items you may see "pre-order" in the title or description this means you are ordering for a release on a certain date. 

Pre-orders are pretty common within the bookish community, so look at this pre-order as ordering your latest book box or limited edition hardback! Readers Society's pre-orders can take 14 days to shipped, unless a ship date has been stated on the product page or home page. 

If you see “Back order” on any products it means that product has sold out BUT you can still buy the product. As we are expecting the supplies to make them, so we can make and post your item
with a 2-3 week period. If you like an item with back order on I do recommend buying it so you are guaranteed you will get it before it sells out again.   

Please note to save on paying for/posting multiple packages everything else ordered with a back ordered product will be sent out together. Any questions drop us a message! 

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